'Real Bostonians’ try new Sam Adams beer in ‘Saturday Night Live’

 Bill Burr, a Canton native, hosted this week’s episode of “Saturday Night Live," and viewers hoping for a local shoutout won’t be disappointed.

In one of the last sketches of the night, the late-night comedy series portrayed “real Bostonians” trying a new pumpkin-flavored beer by Sam Adams, which is based in Boston.

“Who better to try our new Jack-O Pumpkin ale than real Bostonians?” asked SNL’s Heidi Gardner as a Sam Adams vendor in the faux commercial-like advertisement.

The sketch depicted a stream of satisfied “Bostonians” sampling the fictional fall flavor at the grocery store. And then Burr’s character tried it.

“Jesus christ,” Burr said as he spit his sip back out. “What the [expletive] is that?”

He then “tries it for real," as he chugged an entire glass before declaring: “I don’t like it.”

Burr continued: “This is the kind of beer somebody brings to a party at your house, and it just sits in the fridge for like eight months. And then one day your buddy comes over and he’s like, ‘Hey, you gotta beer?’ And I’m like, ‘Well you know, I’ve got this pumpkin [expletive].’”

The sketch drew similarities to Casey Affleck’s “real Dunkin' Donuts customer” sketch from 2016, which also features Mikey Day as the same construction worker from Affleck’s sketch.

At the end of the sketch, after Day and Burr get into a fistfight in the cereal aisle, Gardner teases, “Jack-O Pumpkin Ale, real Bostonians agree...”

And Burr offers his final take: “It’s kinda sweet and [expletive], but you know, if there’s nothing else to drink...”


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