Orta: The Italian Lake Tourists Must discovered

Orta San Giulio is a small town located south of Lake Orta, it is the tourist capital and the preferred destination of the lake. Although Lake Orta is still little known it is a destination to discover, its charm and romance make it a destination of choice for a stay of a few days.
Access to the historic heart of Orta by car is regulated and very complicated due to the narrow streets. Unless you want to access the parking of your hotel we do not recommend you to venture there.
Paid parking areas are available Via Panoramico, the heart of the city will be within 5 minutes walk.
Further away, you can also park for free in front of the Strada Statale 229 campsite. The town center is a 15-minute walk away, part of which is along a road with no sidewalks.
You can start your visit with the beautiful Piazza Mario Motta, lined with beautiful buildings, often in pastel colors, with shops and restaurants.
The square also gives direct access to the lake and the boat wharves that allow you to reach the various sites of the lake, including the San Giulio Island opposite.
The former communal palace was built at the end of the 16th century at one end of the square. It is decorated with frescoes and rests on pillars between which stood the market.
Continue your tour via Olina which leads to the heart of Orta. The streets are lined with beautiful buildings, some of which have magnificently wrought iron railings overlooking courtyards.
You can continue along the same street until you leave Orta and go along part of the lake.
Then return to the square Mario Motta and take the Cairo Albertoletti street which goes up to the church Santa Maria Assunta, recognizable by its yellow color.
The street is also lined with beautiful homes. Continuing the climb through the cemetery, you can reach the Sacro Monte.
Finish your visit by strolling randomly in the streets of the city, they book nice surprises.

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